Helping America's Most Vulnerable

When A Veteran Has A Need, Volunteers of American Helps

A local veteran we’ll call Mr. P served our country in the Marine Corps. Mr. P was having a tough time and didn’t know how to cope or where to turn.  The apartment he shared with his wife had fallen into disrepair. Conditions were so bad it was an unfit environment.

The Veterans Administration referred Mr. P to Volunteers of America. Our Supportive Services for Veterans Families program is designed to help veterans, their spouses and children with urgent needs like housing. Case Worker Ivan Ferrouillet got to work and helped Mr. P find a nice apartment in a good neighborhood that actually costs less than he was paying before. “It’s beautiful,” Mr. P exclaimed. He was so impressed with Ferrouillet’s kindness and skill in finding solutions that he called Volunteers of America to express thanks for such a wonderful experience. Ferrouillet says he was just doing his job, helping a veteran get what he deserved.