Helping America's Most Vulnerable

Staff Leadership

Leadership Team

  • Victor Smeltz

    Executive Vice President of Housing Development

  • Voris Vigee

    Executive Vice President of Programming

  • Al Kohorst

    Vice President of Social Enterprise

  • Germaine Gross

    Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

  • John Sillars

    Vice President of Resource Development and Marketing

  • Jason Burt

    Assistant Vice President for Administrative Services and Special Projects

  • Mike Wasilewski


  • Jovon Brumfield

    Director of Human Resources

  • Connie Ernst

    Director of Marketing

  • Rick Ashcraft

    Director of Safety & Assets

  • Caitlin Scanlan

    Director of Development

  • Ty Bartel

    Director of North Shore Services

  • Jennifer Dexter

    Director of Supported Living Services

  • Lawrence Dodds

    Director of Fresh Food Factor

  • Melissa Haley

    Director of Supportive Services

  • Omegia Lee

    Director of Community Living Services

  • Chentrell Williams

    Director of Community Impact

  • Bud Snowden

    Agency Chaplain