Finding the Right Opportunity

Asking yourself the following questions will help clarify what you expect from your volunteer experience and help us match you to the right position. We want to set you up for a successful and rewarding experience!

Who do you want to help? 
At Volunteers of America, we have programs serving children, youth, the elderly, families, veterans, offenders, individuals suffering from substance abuse, and individuals who are intellectually and/or developmentally disabled, homeless, or mentally ill. 

What kind of work do you like? 
Do you like being active, doing administrative tasks, teaching others a new skill, or sharing your passion? We have volunteer positions that provide a range of work experiences. 

Where do you want to volunteer? 
Would you want to volunteer outside, in an office environment, or working with residents in one of our facilities? Or perhaps you would like the opportunity to coordinate a food or clothing drive from your own home? 

When are you available to volunteer? 
Are you free during the days or evenings, or on the weekends? Do you have a few hours of free time once a week or once a month? Or do you only want to volunteer for special events? Most of our positions have flexible time frames that enable us to work with your schedule! 

Why are you volunteering? 
Is your service an educational requirement, faith based, or personal endeavor? Do you just want to make a difference or are there specific skills you would like to acquire through volunteering?

See our menu of volunteer opportunities here

Resources for This Section

  • Stoney Point Farm Helper
    Volunteers will work side by side with Stoney Point Farm’s owner, Tim Roper, to lay irrigation for the spring and tend to the crops helping to provide local produce for our Fresh Food Factor menu.
  • Sign-Up Friday! Activity Host
    Join Volunteers of America's Healthy Lifestyle Choices program as we participate in Sign Up Friday! Thousands of local summer campers will participate in a day of games, learning, and fun to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices in our children. Volunteers are needed to assist in hosting - games, fitness testing, and manning various support stations (such as water and food). Help show kids how much fun being active can be!
  • Program Volunteer
    Assist program staff at one of our administrative offices around the city. Program Volunteers play a crucial role in streamlining the inner workings of a program and expanding the capacity of regular staff members.
  • Fresh Food Factor Summer Sous Chefs
    Volunteers of America’s newest service initiative, Fresh Food Factor, is nourishing the bodies and minds of our local community from the inside out by promoting a healthy lifestyle through fresh food for children in Orleans area schools. This summer we’ll be providing healthy lunches to local summer camps. Volunteers are needed to work side by side our kitchen staff to prepare and package meals. Learn some new cooking techniques and help keep local summer campers healthy this summer!
  • Donations Coordinator
    Donations of: business attire, general clothing, canned food, kitchen appliances, personal hygiene items, kitchen and bed linens and toiletries, help individuals and families that Volunteers of America serves to live a more healthy and productive life. Help by coordinating a donations drive of materials with your school, religious group, business or civic organization and we’ll come and pick up the donations when your collection is over. Also a great group opportunity!
  • Friends of Volunteers of America
    Don't have the time to volunteer regularly because of your busy schedule? Would a one-time opportunity work better? Sign up to be a Friend of Volunteers of America. As a Friend, you will receive regular updates of how you and/or your group can: run check-ins, organize gifts, serve food, coordinate parking and help with various other tasks for one of our special, one-time events.
  • Mentoring Children of Promise
    Mentoring Children of Promise matches mentors with children with an incarcerated parent. Without intervention, children with a parent in prison have a 70% chance of ending up being incarcerated themselves. With the New Orleans area having one of the highest incarceration rates in the U.S., this program is especially important for the more than 200 youth we serve. Mentors work one-on-one with children to provide them with extra acceptance, attention, encouragement, guidance and hope. A background check is required for this position.
  • RSVP
    The RSVP program in St. Tammany Parish offers service opportunities to volunteers age 55 and older to use their skills and life experiences to help meet critical needs across the Parish. Volunteers are needed for tutoring, helping at the hospital, taking seniors to doctor's appointments, or working at a variety of positions around the community.
  • Activities Coordinator
    Coordinate a one-time or re-occurring activity for one of our many programs. In the past, we've had volunteers teach students at one of our Lighthouse schools to make origami, host an exercise class at our senior living facility, and teach a class on nutrition at our Veterans Transitional Housing Facility. This is also a great group opportunity!
  • Terraces Housekeeping Assistant
    The Terraces is an apartment complex that provides housing for seniors age 62 and older who are living on a limited income. Develop a friendship with one of our senior consumers, and help them with various household tasks that become more difficult with age. Activities may include: making beds, sweeping, dusting, organizing, and any other simple tasks that may be hard for residents to perform. We are looking for volunteers to commit to a few hours on a weekly or monthly basis for a minimum of three months. A background check is required for this position.
  • Lighthouse Summer Camp Counselors
    Volunteers of America’s Lighthouse Summer Camp provides more than 100 local, low-income school children a place to go during the summer that’s safe and academically focused. Students participate in both academic as well as character building activities throughout the week including field trips to local landmarks / amusements. Volunteers are needed to work side by side our Lighthouse Summer Counselors to host daily activities and chaperon field trips. Help make a difference in a child’s life by sharing in some summer fun!