Adoption Facts

  1.  More than one million U.S. teens get pregnant each year. More than 31,000 are teens younger than 15. The Alan Guttmacher Institute
  2. 3,000 American teenagers become pregnant each day (that's 1 in 10 women under age 20). If patterns do not change, 4 in 10 women will get pregnant at least once while still a teenager. The Alan Guttmacher Institute
  3. Of the more than one million pregnant teens each year, 500,000 will choose to parent their babies, 450,000 will abort and fewer than 100,000 will place their babies for adoption. U.S. Census Bureau
  4. There are approximately one million infertile U.S. couples waiting to adopt. This number does NOT reflect the large number of single parents and fertile couples also waiting to adopt. National Committee for Adoption
  5. Approximately 50,000 U.S. children are adopted each year. One half (roughly 25,000) are infants. Another 10,000 foreign-born children are adopted by American couples. National Committee for Adoption
  6. Young women who make adoption plans for their children are more likely to delay marriage, be employed and have a higher income than single parents. National Committee for Adoption

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