Board Chair Message From Robert Rhoden

Dear Friends,

As an active Board of Directors member for a number of years, I am dedicated to Volunteers of America and the work this organization does to help the most vulnerable people in local communities throughout southeast Louisiana.

I have witnessed Volunteers of America’s effectiveness, genuine caring and commitment to make every dollar work to change lives. Seeing how beautifully Volunteers of America transforms the lives of people who are hurting is what has kept me active, interested and eager to do more.

I now have that opportunity as Chairman of the Board of Directors. This is a great honor and responsibility. I feel privileged to serve with so many dedicated board members, who bring talents and insight to this organization. The commitment of our board members never fails to impress and inspire me.

As you look through this website, you can learn much about our organization. I invite you to read our success stories, learn about our new programs and take note of the large numbers of people we serveYou will see how fiscally stable and prudent we are in managing a wide array of different programs that work in many areas.

I would like to offer sincere thanks to everyone in this organization --leaders, directors, staff, volunteers and supporters--who make Volunteers of America so successful in changing the lives of those who need help the most. All of us working together make a real difference.


Robert C. Rhoden, Jr.